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Saying Goodbye to Matt Smith as The Doctor

mattSmithThankYouThere is a part of me that wants to say, “Big deal! He’s just an actor leaving a show.” However, I decided to write a post about what I’ve appreciated most about Matt Smith as The Doctor because I’ve never been a fan of anything before. Not like I’ve become for Doctor Who. This is the first regeneration I’ll get to see when it happens. I’m new to Who and have done a lot of binge watching over the last year and a half to be caught up (and then some). And most of all, sometimes it is good to appreciate the little things in life so that they are that much sweeter.

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Saturday, December 21st, 2013 Geekiness, Randomness

Occam’s Razor and Improv

When performing improv, every improviser has a desire to seem intelligent. If you are like me you’ve probably looked up to improvisers with lots of experience who seem to wow audiences with subtlety which turns into high spots of the scenes they are in. Perhaps, you think you need to be subtle, on purpose, in scenes to do the same thing. Improv doesn’t work that way and Occam’s Razor explains why.

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Sunday, July 7th, 2013 Improv

A New Resolution – DDP Yoga

DDP Catcher Postion Day 1I’ve decided to change my regular post with a new resolution I’ve taken on, DDP Yoga. I’ve actually started DDP Yoga’s fitness routines a couple times in the past. This time though I was inspired to focus on building habits first. Rather than pushing hard I was going to kick my ego to the curb and just follow the beginner plan. Along with the fitness plan I am following the nutrition plan as well.

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Sunday, March 24th, 2013 Health

Oatmeal Scrambled Eggs – Cooking with Joy experiment

Now that I’ve stopped walking through The 4-Hour Chef and started applying the knowledge that I gained from doing the work in the first section of the book, my focus on writing about the journey needs to change. Also, I’ve got a new focus I will be giving (mostly) weekly updates on – following the DDP Yoga program. So now my cooking with joy posts will be about specific experiments and happy accidents I encounter and sharing the lessons learned. Most, like today’s post will be successes but if a failure (though these rarely happen) is bad enough I might write about that as well. This post’s happy accident is about Oatmeal Scrambled Eggs.

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Sunday, March 24th, 2013 Cooking With Joy

Cooking with (and without) Joy – Update #6

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and it all started, or rather stopped, with SFIT. As I had guessed, I was beat that Sunday. Even though I did cook a meal, I most definitely did not do it with joy. My lack of joy, and sleep, had me go to bed early and not write my usual article. We find ourselves Almost a month and several meals later. While I will mention the meals from the past, I’ll probably rush past them because my memory is a bit fuzzy. Along with weeks off, I also (mostly) finished the first section of the book labeled _the domestic_. Rather than move onto _the wild_, I moved out of The 4-Hour Chef and moved into cooking from a different cookbook this weekend. Time to see if I learned anything useful in the weeks before. However, before we talk about that let’s discuss the last 3 recipes I made in the book.

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Sunday, March 10th, 2013 Cooking With Joy

Cooking with Joy: Update #5

Let’s call this week’s update bonuses and broiled eel because that is what it seemed like this week. I had a couple bonus recipes I didn’t get to last week, which I did this week. I chose 1 of 4 sauces to make with my immersion blender because that was the next lesson in [The 4-Hour Chef][4hrChefBook]. However that wasn’t a meal so I went on to the next lesson, broiled eel! Yes, I made eel and I’ll let you know how it went when we make our way to the end of the week. But first, the bonuses that I did earlier in the week.

Sunday, February 10th, 2013 Cooking With Joy

Cooking With Joy: Update #4

Steak, Gazpacho and WineFor my fourth update in the adventures of my 2013 resolution, I made 2 new recipes from The 4-Hour Chef and would like to revisit a couple things from the past. The two recipes I did from the book were _Sexy-Time Steak_ and _Gazpacho_. They are split up in the book by a dinner part, but since I have already done that (and successfully I might add) I skipped it here.

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Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 Cooking With Joy

Cooking With Joy: Update #3

Digging into A Meal Dad madeFor this, my 3rd update on my 2013 resolution I’ve title _Cooking With Joy_, I continue working through [The 4-Hour Chef][4hrChefBook] by [Tim Ferriss][TimFerrissBlog]. For this update I will discuss one of the catalysts for my resolution was affected this week by earlier scrambled egg flavor experiments. After that I will get to my Sunday dinner meal which consisted of two different recipes from the book. Once again there was a consequence to doing 2 different recipes in one meal and I’ll discuss that in my notes on the meal overall. The overall meal notes will also discuss main catalyst for my resolution and how it has been affected with all the meals I have done so far.

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Sunday, January 27th, 2013 Cooking With Joy

Cooking With Joy: Update #2

Crab Cakes with Zucchini sideFor my second update about New Year’s Resolution I’ve dubbed “Cooking With Joy”, I cook two new dishes in one meal. This one meal happens to be an impromptu dinner party my wife forgot to tell me about until the day before. Let’s see how it turns out!

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Sunday, January 20th, 2013 Cooking With Joy

Resolution 2013:Cooking With Joy – first update

Me with my first 2013 resolution mealMy 2013 New Year’s resolution is cooking with joy. This was all brought on when I bought the book “The 4-Hour Chef” by Tim Ferriss. I discuss how the resolution came to be and how it is going in the beginning of 2013. Along the way I give reviews on the recipes I’ve done to date in the book. Did I succeed? Did I fail? Have I already given up?

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Sunday, January 13th, 2013 Cooking With Joy
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